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Robin Wren a Technical Architect that hates webdev built the website, they are still not sure why

Anax Mandari a developer that can webdev, who made Robin do it all again the correct way, and is now helping build the site

Adi Kasenumi who regularly hits Robin and wont let them wardec everything that moves

Unseen Onzo a fanstastic Eve playing who's provided lots of testing and feedback to the site :)

Current Database statistics

Total Known Pilots : 472,496

Total Known Corporations : 229,022

Total Known Alliances : 5,587

Total Known Kills : 756,987

Pending Mails to Proccess : 4,685,010


If you feel the need to contact the site admins, either to report a bug or a suggestion, mail Robin Wren in game, or find them on the #devfleet slack.

If you have found our services useful please send isk to Robin Wren so more ships can be lost in PVP

If you want to pay to get all data about yourself/corporation/alliance removed simply send a large sum of isk to Robin Wren and then Click Here

Thank You

A big Thank You to Squizz Caphinator for providing open API's and the RedisQ which Eve Trace aquires its data from

A Thank You to the #devfleet Slack where I have lurked for a long time absorbing knowledge and enjoying laughs.

A special thankyou to Rixx Javix for providing us with a fantastic logo for the site and our social presence

A special thankyou to RaveNight for providing us with valuable technical advice

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