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Change Log

  • January 2019

    • After a forced break from eve and evetrace we are back and have deployed a large number of stability fixes to the site

    June 2018

    • Between 1.1 and 1.2 we rewrote most of our backend processing to give us a better foundation to build from and to open up some new options for collaboration
    • Released Update 1.1

    May 2018

    • Instant loading of the fleet tracker, f5 monkeys ... we are watching
    • Reduced queries to ESI where possible :)
    • Added links to dotlan on systems pages
    • Added Region names to the systems pages
    • Systems are now clickable in the fleet tracker
    • Added tooltips to Corporations and Alliances on the Fleet Tracker
    • Added the ability to drop notices to the front page and other areas of the site
    • Abandoned google analytics measurement API in favour of google analytics client side and our own metrics sollution
    • Posted on twitter and reddit and the site got battered by views causing it to fall over. Moved to an AWS isntance and changed some of the backend logic to be more resilliant
    • Added further iconing to the site
    • Improved sitemaps coverage
    • Improved search functionality
    • Site rebranding
    • Added some additional deta stuff for google
    • Increased datastorage from 30 days to 90 days
    • Added Fax to the logi ship lists for the logi badge
    • Added region names to the fleet tracker again
    • Fixed top vicitim counts on systems
    • Added activity timeline to systems page
    • Added activity graph to systems page
    • Changed kbadge updating to no longer hammer the db but to also use RabbitMQ to mark things for processing
    • Changed km processing to use RabbitMQ to mangage km processing distribution
    • Loads of stability improvments to fix missing data issues and the fleet tracker failing

    April 2018

    • Added region tags for fleet tracker
    • Search performance improvments have been substantial and now also allows the searching of the allaince tags (corporation tags to come)
    • Optimisations to most areas of the site, pages should load a lot quicker in most cases
    • Added the first prototype of the Live Fleet Tracker
    • Added Channel Scan which allows a quick lookup of pilots, coporations and alliances present in any channel
    • Started tracking a new badge Interdictor pilot
    • Started tracking a new badge Bomber pilot
    • Cleaned up the visuals of the front page a little

    March 2018

    • Broken the site down into a bunch of small sub processes that can be run on multiple machines at a number of locations
    • Fixed .... well just about everything, to get all the site to function with the amount of data produced by eve..... was a challenge, we are looking good now though
    • Finalised the migration to MongoDB, I can safely say i've never been impressed more with a DB technology
    • Spread out communication with CCP ESI so not to invoke the wrath of Fox
    • Added Sec Status to Pilot Profile
    • Added Birthdate to Pilot Profile
    • Further DB cleanup
    • Updated Sitemap Code
    • KM Deduplication filter now in place
    • Substantial code refactoring and DB orientated changes to imporve performance
    • Fixed omni search box being case sensitive
    • Added new Omni search box for searching ... almost anything
    • Fixed some database performance issues
    • Fixed Alliance profile page layout on mobile portrait
    • Fixed Corporation profile page layout on mobile portrait
    • Fixed Pilot profile page layout on mobile portrait
    • Added tickers to alliance pages
    • Updated logic for Killmail import
    • Ship types now autamaticaly imported by site to ensure new ships are tracked from moment of release
    • Pilot information requested directly from Eve API when an unknown entity is detected
    • Corporation information requested directly from Eve API when an unknown entity is detected
    • Alliance information requested directly from Eve API when an unknown entity is detected
    • System information requested directly from Eve API when an unknown entity is detected
    • Minor Bugfixes
  • 2017

    • Added command Destroyers to the ship wheel
    • Fixed a bug with pilot activity tiems actually being shown as UTC+1, now all tiems are in eve times
    • Removed delayed pilot image loading as its no longer needed with pilot count limit on key pages
    • Change to "Activity" calculation improves page loading time for Corp and Alliance pages
    • Substantial speed improvements to Pilot, Corp and Alliance pages with data being cooked on KM read rather than on page load
    • Changed backmend storage to move infrequently accesed data to disk storage from Redis
    • Improved processing of Killmails to reduce average processing time to sub 60ms/mail
    • Adjusted flags system used to calculate player/corporation badges so that it no longer requires an expensive daily cron
    • Improving pilot pages to work with on km recieve cooked data to reduce page load times
    • Found a futher UTC+1 issue thats been resolved
    • Kills where the ship is malformatted on the mail (last hit with drone) now count towards stats
    • Added a solution for rebuilding the db from archived killmails
    • Fixed the logic that was forcing character and corporation names to lowercase, this will update on all characters corps as they appear on new kms
    • Added alliance pages, further work on these to come
    • Alliance names are now showing correctly on corporation pages
    • Alliance logos are now showing on corporation pages
    • Added a front facing link for the new changelog
    • Alliance logos are now showing on pilot pages
    • Alliance names are now showing on pilot pages
    • Resolved a parsing issue for KM's causing intel pickup from kills on the 2nd to be missed
    • Started work on Pilot lists
    • Fixed an issue with pilots names being saved in lowercase, this will get cleaned up as kms come in with the correct cased names
    • Massive rewrite of how the db stores data losslessly reducing db footprint by 24%
    • Re added most violent pilot and most violent systems to the front page
    • Removed most violent pilot and most violent systems to the change log page
    • Substantial speedup to frontpage and new caching logic in place
    • Working on a number of backend things including tools to backup and restore the databse and improving cron effiency
    • Pilot lists added to corporation pages listing pilots and allowing filters by badge
    • Added flags for users using cynos and cyno bait ships, these will not be detected retroactively, but all new kills will light the relevant flags
    • Made the inital site public

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