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Update 1.1

Improvements to the Fleet Tracker and release of fleet detailed view

New Fleet Detailed View

Below is an example of the new fleet detailed view avaliable from the "more info" button next to any fleet on the Fleet Tracker head over to there to try it out

Example of the fleet detailed view

The fleet detail view refreshes every 30 seconds and shows you the current composition of the fleet, the corporations and alliances involved and where they have recently been tracked. As fleet members die they are marked red and the totals update as required. When the fleet becomes inactive for 30 min or more or is merged into another detected fleet based on kill behaviour you are truned to the fleet tracker view.

Minor Changes

  • Fixed an issue with the Greying out of "dead" pilots lasting too long
  • Systems are now colour coded based on sec status
  • Fleet detection had been sped up, looking at page load before we make the fleet tracker refresh more often
  • Imrpoved the logic for fleet merging to help compensate for self bubbling and self bombing fleets
  • Rounding System security numbers to 3DP
  • Now using Cloud Flare
  • Added the ability to filter the Fleet Tracker to your region of choice

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